ON SATURDAY 18th June - a huge convoy of 250 vehicles from across the UK gathered rallied in Whitehall in protest at the way our government treats refugees.

The Convoy then set off to take  much needed aid to thousands of refugees that inhabit the  squalid, rat-infested camp used as a chemical dumping ground in Calais.

The Oxford Convoy to Calais report back meeting will look atbthe experience of the convoy and nwhat can now be done to counter the racist treatment of refugees.

7pm Tuesday 19th July.  Oxford Town Hall.  All welcome

Refugees  have fled  thousands of miles  to look for a place  of safety  away  from war, poverty and oppression.  Now they are the victims of the inhumanity of our government and Fortress Europe - blocked by barbed-wire, border guards and allowed to drown in their thousands in the Mediterranean and the Aegean seas. They are also the victims of racist scapegoating as our Government seeks to deflect blame for their attacks on public services and workers' living standards.

From around Oxford, the response to the Convoy was overwhelming - the space kindly provided by Ruskin College was  inundated with food, clothes and other essentials - and more than £1,500 was raised in financial donations. More than 20 of us in 7 vehicles joined the convoy from Oxford.

Disgracefully, the French authorities banned the convoy  and the UK police colluded in stopping our vehicles boarding the ferry.

A lorry with 38 tonnes of aid did make it through  enabling Care4Calais to make  6 runs from their distribution  centre to  the camp.

Other groups are  continuing to take the remaining aid. 

If you wish to support in any way, join us, donate items (please check  latest list of priority items at care4calais.org: eg women's and children’s clothes are not  required)  or money - contact us at

Facebook: Oxford Convoy2Calais
Twitter: @OxfordJ18Convoy
Email: admin@oxfordtstanduptoracism.org.uk