After the referendum unite to demand…
No More Austerity – No To Racism – Tories Must Go

Demonstrate: Saturday 16 July 2016, London (Oxford transport details below)

The Tories have been plunged into crisis by the result of the EU referendum. David Cameron will soon be gone. The Tories will use Brexit to whip up anti-immigrant racism and accelerate their austerity policies and attacks on living standards. George Osborne has already threatened an emergency budget which will hit ordinary people hard.

But it does not have to be this way. The Tories are weaker and more divided than they have ever been. It looks likely that an early General Election will have to be called when Cameron steps down. However people voted in the referendum, we now need to unite and take to the streets to demand an end to austerity policies, to stand up to anti-immigrant racism and show our solidarity with refugees and migrants.

This demonstration, called by the People’s Assembly and Stand Up to Racism, is the positive and united response to the political earthquake on 23 June.

We are not spectators while the Tories fall out. We must make ourselves participants in shaping the future.

We will not let racism grow; we demand an end to austerity.

Coach seats on Oxford transport free to supporting unions or £12 waged and £6 unwaged for non-union.

Coach leaves Oxford, St Giles 10 am to assemble at BBC, London and can be booked online here

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Convoy to Calais Report back

7pm Tuesday 19th July,Council Chamber,  Oxford Town Hall, St Aldates, OX1 1BX

The meeting will report on the convoy on 18th June and the aid trip on 4th July.  We'll also discuss how we can build further solidarity with refugees.

ON SATURDAY 18th June - a huge convoy of 250 vehicles from across the UK gathered rallied in Whitehall in protest at the way our  government treats refugees.

The Convoy then set off to take much needed aid to thousands of refugees that inhabit the squalid, rat-infested camp used as a chemical dumping ground in Calais. Refugees have fled thousands of miles to look for a place of safety away from war, poverty and oppression. Now they are the victims of the inhumanity of our government and Fortress Europe - blocked by barbed-wire, border guards and allowed to drown in their thousands in the Mediterranean and the Aegean seas. They are also the victims of racist scapegoating as our Government seeks to deflect blame for their attacks on public services and workers' living standards.

From around Oxford, the response to the Convoy was overwhelming - the space kindly provided by Ruskin College was inundated with food, clothes and other essentials - and more than £1,500 was raised in financial donations. More than 20 of us in 7 vehicles joined the convoy from Oxford. Disgracefully, the French authorities banned the convoy and the UK police colluded in stopping our vehicles boarding the ferry.
A lorry with 38 tonnes of aid did make it through enabling Care4Calais to make 6 runs from their distribution centre to the camp.  Other groups are continuing to take the remaining aid.

If you wish to support in any way, join us, donate items (please check latest list of priority items at eg women's and children’s clothes are not required) or money - contact us at
Facebook: Oxford Convoy2Calais
Twitter: @OxfordJ18Convoy
or reply to this email


Download leaflet for convoy report back meeting