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The Convoy to Calais this Saturday is now facing a last minute ban by the French authorities. Thousands of people have collected aid from across the county and over 200 vehicles have booked to come on the convoy. 

Last night the Metropolitan Police informed us that the French authorities have decided to ban the Convoy to Calais from entering France and we will not be granted permission to cross the border. 

Weyman Bennett Co-convenor of Stand Up To Racism says; "its adding insult to injury leaving refugees in a perilous state in Calais and then denying aid and solidarity on a false pretext. We are calling on David Cameron to pressure the French authorities to let the aid through.

This is a civil rights issue; the treatment of refugees has become one of the defining questions of our time. We are fighting for refugees to be treated with dignity, humanity and respect."  

The organisations involved in organising the convoy are doing all in our power to get the ban overturned. It is more important than ever that we go ahead and show the strength of feeling and support for refugees. If the authorities still refuse to let us cross the channel we will be holding a protest in Dover. 

 ·  We will still assemble on Whitehall at 8:30am and drive to Dover. We are encouraging everyone who can get to Whitehall to travel with the convoy.

·  We are in negotiations to get the ban lifted and are putting political pressure here and in France to allow the convoy to cross the French boarder

How you can help:

Sign and share the petition 
Calling for a reversal of the ban and demanding that our Government get involved. Sign the petition here

London Rally - Friday 17 June
We will be holding a public rally the evening before the convoy leaves in London. We'll give a full update about the situation. Details: Refugees Welcome, Convoy to Calais London Rally - Friday 17 June, 6:30pm, Emmanuel Centre, Westminster, SW1. 

Speakers include: John McDonnell MP, Gary Younge, Rufus Hound, Kate Osamor MP, Roger McKenzie & more. Please register your place here

Come on the convoy, join the demonstration - Saturday 18 June
Even if you haven't booked a place on the ferry, we now need to make sure maximum pressure is put on Governments to let the convoy through to make sure the aid can be delivered and solidarity can be shown to the refugees. We need every last vehicle possible to assemble on Whitehall at 8:30am. 

·  If you have booked to come on the convoy please keep checking your emails for regular updates. 

· Spread the word! Share on Facebook & Twitter and other social media. 

Please contact with any queries.