Oxford Stand Up To Racism at Cheney school

Last week Oxford Stand Up To Racism spoke to four assemblies at Cheney school about the dangers of unchecked racism and fascism and ways to challange it.  The invitation followed racist grafitti of a swastika in the wake of the Christchurch shooting on a wall at the school. Year 7 pupils reported to their teachers that  “We thought this was a really interesting opportunity and we were gripped from start to finish. We particularly enjoyed listening to LoLo the rapper and would like to go and see him perform again soon. We also loved seeing the video, because it gave us an insight to racism in the 70s, and how the Rock against Racism festival was formed. It has given us confidence to stand up and challenge racism whenever it happens and we are are passionate that it is the right thing to do.” A video of the presentation can be seen here.  We are hoping to make the same presentation in other schools in Oxfordshire and are looking for teachers to assist with this.  Please contact us the email at the top of the page.

Cheney students are currently raising funds for a mural to paint the wall defaced by the racist grafitti to promote a message of diversity.  If you can, please make a donation at their justgiving page to help raise cover the costs of materials for their initiative.