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18th - 27th January , Oxford Town Hall, OX1 1BX - Free entry

Never Again - lessons from the Holocaust educational exhibition meeting timetable:

Saturday 18th January, 2PM
Opening rally

Craig Simmons,  Lord mayor of Oxford
Naomi Clayden, Oxford Jewish Congregation
Cllr Dr. Hosnieh Djafari-Marbini City Council migrant champion
& Stand Up To Racism

Immediately after the opening rally Tania Gessi,  Project co-ordinator, Roma Support Group  will speak about the accounts of Roma survivors of the Holocaust. 

We will have "Roma Stories" exhibition for us to display on Saturday 18th January.


Wednesday 22nd January, 5pm
"The Holocaust, A Warning From History"
Unite Against Fascism workshop with Emeritus Professor Jane Caplan, Oxford University historian specialising in Nazi Germany


Saturday 25th January, 2pm
"Stopping the Rise of Racism and the Far Right today"

Anneliese Dodds MP
Penny Faust, Oxford Jewish Congregation
Colette Levy, hidden child from Vichy, France
Roger McKenzie, Assistant General Secretary UNISON
Weyman Bennett, co-convenor Stand Up to Racism
Rabyah Khan, Chair Oxford and District Labour party

The exhibition will run from 18th-27th January in the Long Room, Oxford Town Hall. Opening times: 10-5pm Saturdays, 10-6pm Monday – Friday, Closed Sunday

For more information visit the exhibition facebook page

If you can help distribute flyers on our stalls, in your workplace, school or college or advertise the event on your workplace intranet please let us know.

The Oxford Stand Up To Racism “Never Again - lessons of the Holocaust” educational exhibition is supported by:

Oxford Jewish Congregation, Oxford City Council, Oxford Unite Against Fascism, Oxford Love Music Hate Racism, Oxfordshire UNISON Health Branch, Oxford & District Trades Council, CWU South Central Postal, Oxford Unite SE/6232, PCS DWP Oxon  and Bucks,  Oxfordshire County UNISON, Oxfordshire NEU, Henley CLP, Kidlington and Yarnton branch Labour Party

Stand Up To Racism calls on everyone to organise in their communities, workplaces and colleges to intensify resistance to the 'hostile environment' and the racist agenda of Johnson's Tory party

From the moment the exit polls suggested the likelihood of a Tory majority, Stand Up To Racism was stressing the importance of intensifying the resistance. 

Boris Johnson’s election follows the same trend in the US and many European countries of populist votes propping up racist right wing governments, and is the product of a deeply polarised situation.

Through the Tories' deliberately engineered 'hostile environment', they have pushed racism systematically as an explanation for the attacks they have consistently barraged working class communities with. Yet we must not forget that millions are opposed to racism, and that we have a proud tradition of anti racism in the history of Britain.

We must now prepare to build a movement against a Prime Minister who has used racist and dehumanising language to describe Muslim, African and Caribbean communities, and the racist policies that will almost certainly accompany the forthcoming attacks on living standards for working people.

Boris Johnson has a track record of bigotry. He is refusing to apologise for describing Muslim women as looking like “letterboxes” and “bank robbers”. Islamophobic incidents went up by 375 percent in the week after he made these statements. Nor did he apologise for calling black people "piccaninnies with watermelon smiles."

These comments are part of an ever growing list of racist comments Johnson has made and defended that have caused widespread shock and outrage.

The government’s Windrush scandal led to misery for thousands of black Britons who arrived decades ago. People were deported, denied NHS care, and lost their job as part of a deliberate “hostile environment” which Johnson’s government is set to continue. 

Stand Up To Racism has consistently organised mass anti racist resistance. We were at the heart of pushing back the threat of the far right in this country, and we need your support urgently to continue to mobilise effective resistance to racist Johnson and the rise of racist populism.

Johnson's dogwhistle racist politics are dangerous -  including when he congratulates openly antisemitic leaders such as Victor Orbàn, - he is giving legitimacy to every racist, every Islamophobe, every antisemite, and emboldening those who want to enact hate crimes.

We will be organising, in unions (see more on and download model motion for our 8 February Trade Union Conference) in communities, and in colleges, to build and strengthen the anti racist movement - we need your support, please give generously!

Please give whatever you can to our Crowdfunder today... CLICK HERE NOW

Pass this model motion support Stand Up To Racism's Trade Union Conference: Sat 8 Feb


After Boris Johnson’s election...
• Opposing the 'hostile environment’
• Challenging the rise of the racist right

12 - 4.30pm, SOAS (Brunei Gallery), Russell Square, London WC1H 0XG

Speakers so far include:
Margaret Greer, Unison national race equality officer
Wilf Sullivan, TUC race equality officer
Daniel Kebede, NEU NEC 
Riccardo La Torre, FBU  Eastern regional secretary

• Challenging racism in the workplace 
• Mobilising for mass protests on 21 March 
(UN anti-racism day)

• Building anti racist education
• Fighting the ‘hostile environment’ in the NHS
• Love Music Hate Racism: culture and the anti racist movement
• Solidarity with refugees
• Anti racist reps training: five arguments every rep needs to know
• How we pushed back  the far right, and  understanding the threat (includes report on  Auschwitz trip)
• Challenging  Islamophobia in the workplace


On 21 March 2020, for UN Anti Racism Day, Stand Up To Racism is organising major marches in London and Glasgow as part of a global #WorldAgainstRacism coordination where demonstrations will take place all over the world, including across the US and Europe where the far right is on the rise.  Book your seats on the Oxford coach to the London march online here.

Email if you would like to get involved with any of these campaigns.


To maintain the campaign against the rise in racism and fascism we need regular support to cover costs of meeting venues, leaflets, coach hire, speakers expenses and many other campaigning expenses.   Please consider making a regular commitment of £1-2 a month to help halt the growth of racism and the far right.
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To maintain the campaign against the rise in racism and fascism we need regular support to cover costs of meeting venues, leaflets, coach hire, speakers expenses and many other campaigning expenses.   Please consider making a regular commitment of £1-2 a month to help halt the rise of the far right.

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