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After 39 tragic deaths - Oxford Vigil - End the hostile environment

Assemble 5:50 PM Carfax Tower, central Oxford, OX1 1ET

Our thoughts and solidarity go to the 39 victims, found dead in a lorry in Essex and their families. The driver of the lorry has been arrested as part of a murder investigation. The 39 are the latest victims of the "hostile environment" for refugees and migrants, that sees people forced to turn to traffickers to escape poverty and war. We need to show that refugees and migrants are welcome and that the racist hostile environment must end.

In recent years, those fleeing poverty and war have been forced to turn to traffickers to join their families and communities in countries like Britain. The “Fortress Europe” policy including the abandonment of search and rescue operations has turned the Mediterranean Sea into a graveyard as thousands have been drowned.  Join us to say - justice for the 39 - refugees welcome - end the hostile environment.



International conference against racism and fascism brings together 1,000 to stop Johnson, the far right, and racist populism

Saturday 19 October saw anti racists coming together from all over Britain, across Europe and the US at #StandUpToRacism international conference conference against racism, fascism, Islamophobia and antisemitism. Leading trade unionists, key Labour figures such as shadow home secretary Diane Abbott and Richard Burgon MP, Gary Younge, campaigners from Muslim and Jewish organisations, musicians and artists including rapper Low Key and many others participated in the event, themed Challenging Johnson, Trump and the rise of the racist right. 

See #NoRacismNoFascism for activist reporting from the day.
For a full report see here

With 1,000 registrations, it was a busy and lively day, with a range of workshops and plenaries covering the many areas of the anti racist and anti fascist movement, and dealing with issues arising from the multifaceted nature of the racist assault we face in today’s polarised society. For a full picture of speakers and workshops, you can look back over the timetable for the day here

The key punchline of the conference, the next key step, is the UN Anti Racism Day demonstrations on 21 March 2020. With over 30 delegates from across twelve countries delegated at Saturday’s conference, the #WorldAgainstRacism coordination also held a summit on Sunday to discuss international plans for 2020’s UN Anti Racism Day demonstrations.

Join and share the Facebook event page for the #M21 #WorldAgainstRacism demonstrations here

At Stand Up To Racism, we are always looking for volunteers. At the conference our volunteers played a crucial role in making the day such a success (and a big thankyou to them all). If you would like to help as a volunteer for Stand Up To Racism please email us on info@standuptoracism.org.uk

And every day you can help build the anti racist movement by retweeting@AntiRacismDay - sharing posts from our Facebook page promoting events and initiatives, and of course by inviting friends on social media to get involved.

Please note the Amazing Grace film showing has been cancelled due to an event clash.


31 October - 4 November:  Unite Against Fascism educational trip to Auschwitz

To maintain the campaign against the rise in racism and fascism we need regular support to cover costs of meeting venues, leaflets, coach hire, speakers expenses and many other campaigning expenses.   Please consider making a regular commitment of £1-2 a month to help halt the growth of racism and the far right. 


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