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The impact of racists in high office was evident in all it's horror this week when Trump supporters at a rally echoed Trump's attack on Muslim senator Ilhan Omar with chants of "send her back", which many have described as reminiscent of a rally in Nazi Germany.   Trump's open racism against Ilhan Omar and other 3 other US senators who he said should "go back" .."to their crime infested countries" has given confidence to racists everywhere to be more vocal in their hate and has helped to normalise racism from his platform in the mainstream establishment.  This is exactly why we should be concerned about Boris Johnson becoming the next Prime Minister given his long catalogue of racist statements.  It is no coincidence that Trump voiced his support for Johnson while Johnson shied away from calling Trump's behaviour racist. Both share the same strategy of stoking up racist division.   As the government crisis deepens we can expect more and more racism from the top and it is vital we organise to oppose this.

 Oxford protest against racist Boris Johnson as Prime Minister

5.30pm Monday 22nd July

Assemble outside HSBC, Cornmarket, central Oxford

On 22 July, the day Boris Johnson is probably set to become Prime Minister ... join us in protest against his Islamophobia, racism and misogny.

Johnson or Hunt...

We don’t want another racist in number 10...

Boris Johnson has described Muslim women as ‘letter boxes’. Johnson's racism is of the alt-right. He has been in regular contact with far-right nationalist Steve Bannon – Donald Trump’s former chief strategist – who has publicly supported him and believes people should wear the terms “racist” and “xenophobe” as a “medal”. Last week he defended likening Muslim women in burkas to bank robbers. In his Daily Telegraph column in 2018 he likened veiled Muslim women to “letter boxes.” He has previously called Africans “piccaninnies” with “water melon smiles." He has referred to gay men as a “tank-topped bumboys blub” and in 2005, while campaigning to be re-elected as Conservative MP for Henley, he told residents that “voting Tory will cause your wife to have bigger breasts."

Meanwhile Jeremy Hunt, the scourge of the NHS, has backed Donald Trump retwee  ting racist Katie Hopkins' attacks on Sadiq Khan and ‘Londonistan’.

Join us in protest to say “We don't want another racist in number 10 – End the Hostile Environment Now!”

Bring placards, TU banners, and lots of people!


 Oppose fascist 'Tommy Robinson' & his Nazi friends

On Saturday 3 August Nazi supporters of "Tommy Robinson" ( Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) plan to march through central London in support of fascist Robinson who is now serving time in Belmarsh prison for contempt of court. We cannot allow Nazis to march through our streets unopposed.

The anti racist movement in Britain, linked to an international coordination of anti racist movements, has struck a series of significant blows to far right attempts to build a street movement, and to Robinson's bid to become an MEP.

Stand Up To Racism and the wider anti racist movement has led several national demonstrations in recent months that took us from standing in our hundreds against a tide of supporters of Robinson, to outnumbering them.

The campaign in the North West, broad based and involving key people from across the trade union and Labour movement, exposed Robinson and stopped his MEP ambitions.
He admitted that everywhere he went he was met by people calling him a Nazi.

Not succeeding in building his street movement and gaining the legitimacy of a seat in the European parliament, he is now in prison.

We face the challenge of taking on the increasingly normalised racism being spewed from the top of the establishment. The far right here may be on the back foot after Robinson's humiliations, but it has not gone away.

In July this year, the Alt Right Generation Identity enacted a mock execution of Stand Up To Racism activists in full public view at the Tower of London--using the anti racist campaign's "migrants and refugees welcome" placards. In the climate that led to the murder of Jo Cox, we have to take this very seriously.

 In a press statement in response to the GI stunt Julie Sherry, national organiser, Stand Up To Racism, said

“The Alt Right Generation Identity who carried out this horrific stunt failed to see the irony, nevermind the disgusting racism, in their claim that those who say migrants and refugees are welcome are responsible for every act of terrorism – what about the terrorist murders and attacks carried out by the far right? What about the fact that Generation Identity leader Sellners accepted money from the killer of 51 people in Christchurch Newzealand?

“From Finsbury Park Mosque, to Christcurch, to Pittsburgh to Charlottesville to Charleston–we have seen a rise in violent attacks carried out by the far right.

“The horror of the Holocaust was able to take place because nasty far right forces like these were able to gain the oxygen they needed to grow. We need a mass, united and broad anti racist movement that can suffocate these divisive politics, as a matter of the utmost urgency, wherever its ugly head rises.”

March to oppose fascist Robinson and his Nazi friends! Join us on 3 August.

Saturday 19th October:  International conference against racism and fascism

10 – 4pm, Friends Meeting House, 173 Euston Road, NW1 2BJ London

Book tickets online hereEmail Oxford SUTR for transport from Oxford.

Trump in the White House…. Far Right growing internationally… Hate crime at epidemic proportions... Political crisis in Britain…

How do we stop the racist right?

The racist and fascist right are experiencing their biggest growth in their support across Europe since the 1930’s.  Inspired by the likes of Donald Trump in the white house racism, Islamophobia and antisemitism are on the rise everywhere. Hate crime has reached epidemic proportions, and the horrific attacks in Christchurch and Pittsburgh represent a new level of threat from far-right terrorism.

In Britain the toxic debate around the Brexit crisis has seen populist racists like Boris Johnson, Jeremy Hunt and Nigel Farage come to the centre stage of politics.  Hunt backed Trumps’ attacks on London mayor Sadiq Khan and his “Londonistan” retweets. Johnson described Muslim women as “letter boxes”. Farage built his reputation by attacking immigration to the UK.

Although fascist Tommy Robinson and far right UKIP were humiliated in the EU elections, thanks to mass campaigning work by anti-racists Johnson, Hunt and Farage will play the politics of divide and rule, scapegoating migrants and refugees and targeting the Muslim community with Islamophobic attacks.

It doesn’t matter whether you voted “Leave” or “Remain” everyone must oppose their racist agenda. 

And whoever wins the Tory leadership election race the hostile environment for migrants that led to the Windrush scandal remains at the heart of government strategy and the reality of institutional racism continues.

On Saturday 19 October anti-racists activists will gather in London from across Europe and the US at the Stand Up To Racism international conference to debate how we build an international movement against the racist and fascist right and how we drive back the populist racism of the Tories and Farage.

Previous speakers include: Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott, John McDonnell, Emma Dent Coad, David Lammy, Catherine West, Claude Moraes, Sabby Dhalu, Shahrar Ali, Mohammed Kozbar, Weyman Bennett, Maurice Wren, David Rosenburg

Workshops and plenaries include: Combating the “Hostile environment”, fighting for justice – Solidarity with refugees – The battle against Islamophobia in the age of Trump and Johnson – How do we stop the far right in Europe – Solidarity with refugees – Climate refugees and the climate crisis


31 October - 4 November:  Unite Against Fascism educational trip to Auschwitz


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