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In case you missed it 

Rev Jesse Jackson & Diane Abbott: US/UK #BlackLivesMatter - Where Next for the Anti Racist Movement



Open Forum: Slavery, Empire and Decolonising Education #BlackLivesMatter

6 PM Thursday 9th July

Register here:

The historic wave of Black Lives Matter mobilisations in response to the murder of George Floyd has led to a groundswell of support for recognising the roots of racism including slavery, the crimes of The British Empire and its continuing legacy.

This movement has already achieved victories, most recently the decision to remove a statue of British Imperialist and white supremacist Cecil Rhodes from Oriel College, Oxford.

As part of a series of open forums aimed at shaping and formulating demands for the anti-racist movement at this crucial time, this meeting will focus on how we can work together to achieve further victories, including a decolonised education system that teaches black history and a genuine recognition of the crimes of slavery and colonialism.



Where next for the Black Lives Matter Movement?

Oxfordshire open forum for antiracists hosted by Oxford Stand Up To Racism

7PM Monday 13th July

Register here to get Zoom meeting details :

Since the brutal murder of George Floyd six weeks ago in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the world has been set ablaze by the anger pouring out onto the streets against institutional racism and injustice. We've seen that anger on our own doorsteps - young and black led thousands-strong marches through city centres from London to Edinburgh, as well as the mass socially distanced protests in different parts of the country. But its about more than solidarity with George Floyd, his family, and our brothers and sisters in the US. UK IS NOT INNOCENT!

But this goes further than the racist police brutality and violence experienced by black people. The Black Lives Matter movement is calling out every aspect of racism - from institutional racism to everyday racism, from the state to the streets. The fight to make #BlackLivesMatter is in our public health, the treatment of black workers, in education, to the police and politicians. No justice - no peace.

The movement has mobilised hundreds of thousands of people across the country and in every corner of it too - now it is time to raise demands and keep fighting! What does Black Lives Matter mean in Oxfordshire?

Join this organising meeting to talk about 'Where next for the #BlackLivesMatter movement?'  and plan fture activity.   All welcome!

Lobby your MP to support the Early Day Motion for an independent public inquiry on disproportionate BAME deaths

Ever since Stand Up To Racism’s online meeting on 28th April heard from our President Diane Abbott MP and others on why we need an independent public inquiry into disproportionate BAME deaths as well as action now to protect people, SUTR activists across the country have been building pressure and gathering support for this demand.

Now more and more people are demanding an independent inquiry, and Diane Abbott has tabled an Early Day Motion (EDM) in the House of Commons which:

“Calls for a full independent public inquiry into the disproportionate effect of covid-19 on BAME communities; and urges the Government to ensure any such inquiry provides key findings and offers clear recommendations for systemic and transformational change in the role of the public sector and race equality.”

16 MPs have signed as of writing this article, now we need your help to lobby more MPs to sign up.

The EDM can be found here on the Parliament Website. You can find your MP their email adress here. To lobby your MP to sign, just drop them a short email with a link to the EDM and why you feel it’s so important to force the Government to act on this issue.  A sample email can be seen online here


To maintain the campaign against the rise in racism and fascism we need regular support to cover costs of meeting venues, leaflets, coach hire, speakers expenses and many other campaigning expenses.   Please consider making a regular commitment of £1-2 a month to help halt the growth of racism and the far right.
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