Book your seat on the Oxford transport to the December Dec 9 oppose fascist Tommy Robinson's hate march - unite against racism and fascism

Assemble 10 Downing Street, 11 am Sunday December 9th

Last week UKIP leader Gerard Batten tightened ties between his racist party and the fascist ex EDL leader and BNP member and a convicted fraudster 'Tommy Robinson' (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon), when he appointed Yaxley-Lennon as an advisor.

Many anti-racists and anti-sexists alike will find it galling and sickening that this fascist has been appointed as an "expert" on the issue sexual abuse.

Not only has Yaxley-Lennon been silent on instances of sexual abuse when the perpetrators are from the far right, including some of his EDL associates, and not only did he disrupt a trial on grooming which will have done nothing to support those seeking justice, but he is also opportunistically using such a serious issue and exploiting women's experiences of abuse as a lightening rod in order to push his racist agenda.  

Batten's appointment of Yaxley-Lennon has further revealed the developing mascinations of the far right, racist and fascist forces and the dangerous way in which they are coalescing -it's vital we actively and urgently oppose all these toxic forms of racism and expose Robinson as the fascist and opportunist he is.

Robinson says his demonstration on 9 December, now supported by UKIP, about a "Brexit betrayal" but it in reality it is about whipping up racism and Islamophobia.

After the fantastic #N17Unity demonstration where 30,000 were out on the streets to say #NoRacismNoFascism, we cannot allow the likes of fascist Robinson and the racist UKIP to seize the initiative. Whose streets? Our streets! 

Whatever way you voted in the referendum, join us to oppose Robinson and his fascist mates.