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The Windrush scandal has highlighted the callousness at the heart of the government's immigration policy.  People from the West indies who have spent their lives working and living in the UK have been sacked, evicted, denied healthcare, detained and deported, or denied return to their homes and families in the UK after visiting the West Indies. We believe this is a disgusting treatment for people who helped to rebuild Britain after World War 2 and helped build the NHS, whose children were born British, but who also now face Theresa May's hostile environment because they have never been issued with the paperwork to back up the reality that they are British.   Join us on Monday to show solidarity with the Windrush generation in Oxford (See below for details)

The same callousness is evident in the refusal to help refugees fleeing war and oppression.  We have witnessed refugees trapped in freezing conditions without proper shelter or aid in Northern France.   Oxford Stand Up To Racism supporters will be delivering aid and volunteering to help refugees in the Calais area this coming Saturday and are seeking donations (details below).

Racism in mainstream politics is making it measier for the far right to organise and mobilise.  The latest attempt to rebuild a racist street movement will take place on Sunday 6th May at a so called "Day of Freedom" for racists lead by well known Nazi Tommy Robinson.  We have seen how unchecked racism can lead to the unprecedented growth of far right organisations across Europe.  It is vital anti-racisrs moblise on 6th My to make sure it doesn't happen here.  More details below.   We'll be leafleting Oxford United to stop racists organising on the terraces this Saturday and building the turnout for May 6th. 


April 28 Leafleting Oxford United Football ground to build opposition to racist Football Lads Alliance

Racists and fascists are trying to build on football terraces.  Stand Up To Racism wants to make msure football is open to everyone.  Mail back if you can spare an hour this coming Saturday to hand out the Stand Up To Racism  "Football for All" newsletter from 2pm.

April 28 Trade Union solidarity visit to Calais refugee camp

Supporters of Oxford Stand Up To Racism will be joining the next convoy to Calais to take desperately need aid to refugees trapped in the Calais region.  Volunteers will also be helping with the Care4Calais distribution efforts.

What you can do:

  • Collect aid  and cash donations - contact Julie on 07890081211 or mail back for local aid collection point.  Please note we are ONLY ACCEPTING PRIORITY ITEMS due to limited storage and van space.  Priority list can be seen here

April 30 Support "Windrush Generation" amnesty debate

Assemble 5.30 Carfax/Cornmarket St (outside HSBC)

On Monday 30th April there will be a debate about granting amnesty to the "Windrush generation" some of who have been the victims of the government's hostile immigration policy. 

We will gather to support the mass petition that has triggered the debate. in Parliament. We support the call for an amnesty for the "Windrush generation" who were invited to the UK as British citizens. We call on the government to stop all deportations, make sure there are no problems with documentation and establish an amnesty for those who came here as minors.  Join us.


May 5 student/college/uni workers delegation aid trip to Calais

Will be leaving Euston at 6am and returning at 10.30pm the same day. Student Stand Up to Racism is taking a coach over to Calais to deliver solidarity and donations to Care4Calais and the refugees in the area. You can see facebook event here for more details.

You can book on the eventbrite link here - this coach is for students and university and college workers only.

12 noon Speakers Corner, London

Book seats on Oxford transport to the anti-fascist protest

On Sunday 6 May, fascist EDL founder Tommy Robinson and the racist DFLA ('Democratic'Football Lads Alliance) have organised a so-called 'Day of Freedom' for racists and islamophobes in London.

They are seeking to use Islamophobia as a way of rebuilding the far right movement in the UK.

Tommy Robinson is a notorious racist who founded the far-right English Defence League, and has links with neo-nazi and fascist organisations. He has associated with alt-right organisations, and racists like Katie Hopkins.

Robinson, the DFLA and their supporters want to come to London to spread racism, and islamophobia. They plan to hold a rally at Speakers Corner.

View FLA/DFLA fact sheet

Join us Stand Up to Racism and Unite Against Fascism in opposing them.


October 'Confronting the rise in racism' national conference

October 20th.  Details tbc.