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This week Theresa May used the the suffering of Syrian children to justify bombing Syria yet continues to ban Syrian children coming to the UK to join their families.  The Syrian conflict has created the worst refugee crisis since WWII with over 4 million people fleeing the war.  Syrian refugees trapped in France have just spent another winter in freezing conditions with no decent shelter, health of education.  The government needs to end its racist refugee policy and let them in.  Oxford Stand Up To Racism supporters will be joining the Trade Union trip to Calais to take much needed aid to refugees trapped in the area.

The government's racist immigration policy is now falling on people from the Commonwealth who came to the UK as children.  The Windrush generation are widely recognised to have contributed to the rebuilding of war torn England.  Many helped to create the NHS.  Now some find that they face detention without charge and deportation to a country they have not known since they were children unless they can prove they are British - providing 4 copies of documentary evidence for every year they have been in the UK.  Employers, doctors, landlords, schools and colleges are being asked to act as border guards.  One man who has lived here for 40 years has been evicted and had his cancer treatment stopped.  This is all part of a policy of  scapegoating migrants to blame them for housing shortages, low wages and an underfunded NHS. 

21 - 22 April to keep racism out of the local elections

Stand Up To Racism is calling for a weekend of action in the run up to the local elections on 3rd May to oppose a growing tide of racism in the campaign.

We've already highlighted that a disgraceful leaflet was distributed by the Conservative Party in Romford warning that if residents didn't vote Conservative, Romford would "increasingly look like an inner city area", a "London crime wave" would take place and that Havering would resemble "boroughs like Hackney, Newham, Camden and Barking rather than a traditional parts of Essex".

You can sign a petition calling for Theresa May to take action against Romford Conservatives here.

UKIP is also set for the most racist campaign since it was founded. Acting Leader Gerard Batten has described Islam as a "Death Cult" and for Muslim immigrants to have to sign a document renouncing parts of the Qur'an. UKIP have teamed up with the far right linked Democratic Football Lads Alliance on protests in Birmingham and in Telford over recent weeks.

April 24 Oxford Stand Up To Racism action meeting

7 pm Methodist Hall, Jeune St, Cowley Rd, East Oxford, OX4 1BN

All Welcome

April 28 Trade Union solidarity visit to Calais refugee camp

Supporters of Oxford Stand Up To Racism will be joining the next convoy to Calais to take desperately need aid to refugees trapped in the Calais region.  Volunteers will also be helping with the Care4Calais distribution efforts.

What you can do:

  • Join the next trip to Calais - mail back for details
  • Collect aid  and cash donations - contact Julie on 07890081211 or mail back for local aid collection point.  Please note we are ONLY ACCEPTING PRIORITY ITEMS due to limited storage and van space.  Priority list can be seen here

May 5 student/college/uni workers delegation aid trip to Calais

Will be leaving Euston at 6am and returning at 10.30pm the same day. Student Stand Up to Racism is taking a coach over to Calais to deliver solidarity and donations to Care4Calais and the refugees in the area. You can see facebook event here for more details.

You can book on the eventbrite link here - this coach is for students and university and college workers only.

October 'Confronting the rise in racism' national conference