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MP, councillors, trade unionists and campaigns call for solidarity with Muslims against "Punish a Muslim Day"

Over 40 people including Annaleise Dodds MP, Labour and Green councillors, trade unionsists and anti-racist campaigners have signed a solidarity statement launched by Oxford Stand Up To Racism calling for solidarity with Oxfordshire's Muslim population in the face of a campaign of racist threats. The statement was launched in response to the circulation of "Punish A Muslim day" hate letters and packages sent to Muslim homes around the country. The letters are being investigated by counter-terrorism police for inciting violence against Muslims including awarding points for injuries inflicted on April 3rd, ranging from 25 points for pulling a Muslim woman's headscarf off to 1000 points for burning down a Mosque.

Oxford Stand Up To Racism spokesperson Ian Mckendrick said "Since 2016, there has been a continued, sharp rise in hate crimes with a significant majority of them being street attacks against Muslims, particularly Muslim women. We have all been horrified by the increasing brutality of these attacks. We condemn the obscene hate-letter campaign and hate crimes directed at Muslim members of our community. We are neighbours, friends and workmates. We stand shoulder to shoulder and urge everyone to join with us in standing up to Islamophobia, antisemitism and racism. Victims of racist attacks can contact Stand Up To Racism for solidarity."

The signatories are supporting expressions of solidarity on April 3rd, including circulating "No to Islamophobia, solidarity with Muslims" selfies on social media and will be assembling at 5.30 pm on Manzil Way Green to meet members of Oxford's Muslim community to show their support.

 Signatories include:

Oxford Stand Up To Racism
Annaliese Dodds, MP for Oxford East
Cllr Mike Rowley, Board Member, Oxford City Council
Helen Evans, Labour County Councillor
Martyn Rush, Labour Party, Council Candidate for Barton and Sandhills
Lubna Arshad, Labour Part, Council Candidate
Rabyah Khan Oxford City Council candidate, Summertown
Stephen Marks Vice-Chair Oxford District Labour Party
Ruthi Brandt, City Councillor, Oxford Green Party
Cheryl Briggs - co-chair Oxfordshire Green party
Elise Benjamin, Oxford's first Jewish Lord Mayor 2011-12, Green Party
John Haywood , Election Agenct North Oxfordshire Green party
Parichehre Mosteshar-Gharai & Peter Leary - Co-Chairs Momentum Oxford
Michaela Collord - Secretary Oxford Momentum
Oxfordshire UNISON Health branch committee
Rosita Ellis, Chair UNISON South East Region Black Members Committee
Kate Douglas, PCS DWP South East Regional Secretary
Matthew Callow, Chair Oxford health branch of UNITE the Union
Michelle Codrington-Rogers, Oxfordshire NASUWT Negotiating Secretary
Caroline Glendinning UNISON OXFORD CITY Branch Secretary
Pat Carmody, Oxfordshire Unite Community Branch Committee member
Steven Gill, Area Sub Rep CWU
Hadi, Syrian Community in Oxford and Oxfordshire SYRCOX
Memona Niazi, Oxford University, Wycliffe Hall Islamic Society
Haseem Shah, Oxford University Islamic Society - Former President
David Hillman, Oxford Palestine Solidarity Campaign
Bill MacKeith, Close Campsfield Campaign
Norman Wood - organising group Oxford Refugee Solidarity
Emma Jones - Oxford Iinternational Womens Festival
Cherry Mosteshar - The Oxford Editors
Mariam Ahmed M&A Social Enterprise - co founder