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We are asking everyone planning to come on the march to book their seat now to help ensure we have enough coaches.  Our first coach is already over half full.  Book online here or call 07503169657

On Valentines day Oxford Stand Up To Racism recieved support for the Love Migrants, Love Rfugees, Love Diversity message we were putting out on the day.
from Brookes University students.
We need help to build the march and and the oxford rally and student conference in the lead up to the march (click links below for full details of events)

With just over a month to the March Against Racism and so many reasons to march, we'll be holding days of actions for anti-racists across the country to come together against some of the many fronts we're campaigning on.

Confirmed dates for future activity so far:

  • Wednesday 21 Feb - No to Anti-Semitism & the far-right
  • Wednesday 28 Feb - Defend EU Workers' rights
  • Friday 9th March - Stand up to Islamophobia
  • Wednesday 4th March - Refugees Welcome

Why not download the selfie poster and share it on social media.

We'll; be on on the streets with posters too asking the public to support the campaign. 

In addition we are also holding mass leafleting sessions. If you would like to help just drop us a line.

  • Sat 17 Feb 1pm Cowley shopping centre
  • Tues 20 Feb 5pm Tesco, Cowley Rd
  • Friday 23 Feb 12.30pm Oxford Central Mosque,
  • Saturday 24 Feb 1-2pm Carfax
  • Sunday 25 Feb 2pm Waterstones, Cornmarket
  • Monday 26 Feb 5pm Waterstones, Cornmarket
  • Tue 27th Feb 5pm Tesco, Cowley Rd

You can also help by sharing our events below on social media and by leafleting your school, college or workplace.  Printed materials free on request.

Oxford Town Hall 7p.m.

Roger McKenzie - UNISON Assistant General Secretary
Becky Boumelha – Oxford Labour BAME
Weyman Bennett – Co-convenor Stand Up To Racism
Jess Derwent – Reporting back on recent Calais refugee trip
Cheryl Briggs - joint Chair Oxfordshire Green Party

We are facing a massive rise in racism in Britain and across the globe. Migrants and refugees are being scapegoated for the effects of austerity, while EU nationals are used as bargaining chips in Brexit negotiations.

The whipping up of anti-Muslim hysteria in the press has led to a dramatic rise in Islamophobic attacks in the wake of terror attacks in London and Manchester, with visible Muslim women the primary target.

Rampant institutional racism is being felt through a spate of deaths in police custody, the tragedy at Grenfell and systematic discrimination in employment and Housing.

Trump’s Muslim ban, his racist ‘wall’ project and equivocation over white supremacist and fascist marches have led to a climate of racism and fear across the US.  Theresa May is endorsing Trump's bigotry by hosting a state visit for him later this year.

Meanwhile In Europe, the rise of the Freedom Party in Austria, Front National in France and AfD in Germany are signs of a resurgence of the far right which requires a serious and coordinated effort to turn back.

If we are to defeat the rise of racism, we need a united movement of everyone who opposes it. Join us in discussing how we can confront the rise in racism and hopw we can mobilise the biggst numbers for the national March Against Racism on March17 when people across Europe will be standing up to racism and fascism.

NEU Building Hamilton House, Mabledon Place WC1H 9BD
Stand Up to Racism and Muslim Engagement and Development (MEND) are teaming up to host the Students Against Racism event on Saturday 3 March in London. The conference will bring together students from around the country to discuss how we can combat the rise of racism, islamophobia and antisemitism.
Speakers at the event include Kate Osamor MP, Lowkey (rapper), Justice4Grenfell, Maz Saleem, Care4Calais, Colette Levy, Janet Alder (Justice for Christopher Alder campaign), Naima Omar and more.
Workshops on the day include:

  •     Decolonising education
  •     Challenging Islamophobia and Prevent
  •     Standing Up to Trump and the far right
  •     Love Music Hate Racism
  •     Defending migrant students and workers
  •     Student solidarity with refugees

You can register for the conference here . Transport to the event is being arranged from across the country - if you'd like to find out details, get in touch.
We've seen a rise in racism across the world, from Donald Trump in the White House to the rise of the far right in Europe. Campuses are often at the forefront of this racism, with the Prevent agenda targeting Muslim students and the rights of migrant workers and students being threatened by Brexit.
This conference will be a chance for students to discuss how we can unite to confront this rise.

This demonstration will take place on UN anti-racism and is part of an international response to mainstream politicians and far right groups stoking racism for poltiical ends.  Oxfordshire UNISON Health branch has already booked one coach to go and there will be more. 

Last year we 30,000 people marched against racism in London, alongside tens of thousands more in Glasgow, Cardiff, and across Europe.  This year we'll be joined by anti-racists in the US protesting against Trump's racism.  Join us to put pressure on our govwernment to stop the racist scapegoating that is driving up racist attacks and making it easier for the far right to organise.  Book your seats online here.