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HMD exhibition flyer 2018

The Oxford Stand Up To Racism "Never Again"  Holocaust exhibition has got off to a good start with over 70 people coming on the first day.  As Holocaust Memorial Day approaches it is essential to remember how fascism can grow out of economic crisis and unchecked racism, and how such developments can and must be resisted.

2016/2017 saw a 30% rise in racially and religiously aggravated attacks in the UK, electoral gains for fascist parties and MPs in Austria and Germany, and racists and fascists gaining confidence to take to the streets in the US, Poland and other countries.

This year we also have a short video with interviews with Holocaust survivors and anti-fascist campaigners Esther Brunstein and Leon Greenham, and how they helped to break the Nazi National front and BNP. 

We have had support from schools, campaign and community groups and trade unions circulating information boosting our event.

The Marches Against Racism on March 17th are our chance to show than anti-racists are a majority, to deter mainstream media and politicians from using racist scapegoating, robbing racists of the confidence to mount attacks, and to inspire anti-racists in other countries that it is possible to mobilise against racism in a growing racist climate. 

We are asking supporters to come the exhibition, listen to one of the talks and book your seat on the coach to the national demonstration (see below).

January 20th - 27th   "Never Again" learning the lessson of the Holocaust exhibition

Long Room, Oxford Town Hall, OX1 1BX

Daily 10 am - 6pm (closes 5 p.m Saturday)

Throughout the event there will be guest speakers invited from Jewish, Muslim, Roma, LGBTQ, Women, disabled communities, Trade unionists and the Labour movement.

  • Monday 22nd January, 5.15pm “LGBT oppression and the Holocaust” - Matthew Callow, Chair Oxford Unite Health
  • Tuesday 23rd January, 5.15pm “Women under fascism” - Kate Douglas, regional secretary PCS
  • Wednesday 24th January, 5.15pm “Roma & the Holocaust,” - Mihai Calin Bica - Roma Support Group invited
  • Thursday 25th January 12.15pm “Oppression of disabled people under fascism,” - Oxford City Marie Tidball
  • Thursday 25th January 5.15pm “Resistance Against Fascism – Then and Now” - Russ Chandler, UAF member who attended recent UAF/LMHR educational trip to Krakow & Auschwitz
  • Friday 26th January 5.15pm “Trade unions & fascism” - Pol O Ceallaigh President Oxford & District Trades Council
  • On Holocaust Memorial Day, Saturday 27th January at 1pm Alison Ryde, President Oxford Jewish Congregation and Annaliese Dodds MP

The exhibition will comprise of a series of displays of text, pictures and video that will take up the following themes:

● The extermination of 6 million Jews and 7 million other people deemed “undesirable” by the Nazi regime.
● The victim groups and the ways they were scapegoated and marginalised including legal forms of exclusion
● The development of mass extermination and death camps
● The driving forces behind the holocaust
● Fascism today and their modern targets.
● Similarities with today and the 1930's
● Resistance to fascism and racism


This event is organised by Oxford Stand Up To Racism as part of a national campaign to challenge all forms of racism and to help build the Europe-wide anti-racist protests on UN anti-racism day on March 17.  You can book your seat on the Oxford coach online here

Reviews of last year's exhibition

“This is a truly outstanding exhibition: well organised, highly informative, thought-provoking, and a warning against current trends in British politics. I hope this exhibition will be shown in as many schools as possible.” - Avi Shlaim Emeritus Professor at Oxford

“Fantastic exhibition-really moving. Everyone should see it.” - Susannah Pressel Labour City and County Councillor

“Very powerful –the comparison between what happened in the 1930’s and anti fascist actions since, and the rise of fascism now – a clear reminder that fascism doesn’t disappear by itself, we must all stand up against it.” - Oxford City Green Councillor Ruthi Brandt

The Holocaust Memorial Day ‘Never Again’ exhibition is organised by Oxford Stand Up To Racism and supported by:  Oxfordshire UNISON Health Branch, Oxford City UNISON, Oxford Unite Health, CWU South Central Postal, Ruskin College UCU, Oxford and District Trades Council,  Oxford Jewish Congregation, Oxford Love Music  Hate Racism, Oxford Unite Against Fascism